Visa® Business Debit Card

Debit Cards

National Bank and Trust's Visa® Business Debit Card makes using your business checking account easier than ever!

Works like a check!

Using your business checking account can't get much easier than with the National Bank and Trust Visa® Business Debit Card. It's the card that gives you the convenience of a checking account and the acceptance of a Visa® card. Every time you use your Business Debit Card, the transaction amount is deducted from your business checking account. All without the hassle of carrying cash or writing checks and less frequent requests for presenting multiple forms of I.D. or waiting for check approval.

Can be used anywhere Visa® Debit Cards are accepted.

The National Bank and Trust Business Debit Card looks like a Visa® card, and because it carries the Visa® name you can use your Business Debit Card at millions of retailers worldwide who accept Visa® Debit Cards. Just keep the receipt and record the amount in your checkbook. All of your Business Debit Card purchases will be detailed on your monthly business checking statement.

It's your ATM card, too!

Your National Bank and Trust Business Debit Card is your ATM card that lets you get cash, make deposits, transfer funds or verify account balances at automated teller machines.

To acquire a Visa® Business Debit Card stop in at any branch of National Bank and Trust today!